The Project

Forever Gold is an Interactive Fiction RPG built in Twine 2 (SucarCube v2) with additional features written in javascript. You can read more about the premise on our About page.

Act I, Part I is in progress. We expect this first part will take longer than future installments due to a) the task of ironing out our strategy going forward and b) the sheer number of startup assets. Back-end tasks (planning and programming/implementing systems) are complete.

Updates will become more transparent as we move towards our first proper release; we can’t give accurate ETAs until a bit further down the line.

Gameplay & Story

We’ll reveal more about the specifics in time. For now, all we’ll say is: it’s a Twine game. Narrative and roleplay are the priority, all other gameplay systems exist to enhance/support the story.

"Snout Mode" is an alternate skin you can toggle in-game. The change is almost entirely cosmetic, save for some difference in descriptors.

In other words, it's your choice whether you want to spend the duration of the story looking at dogs or humans. The anthro and human designs exist parallel to each other and are both equally "canonical."

Forever Gold is a fantasy political drama, but what is a drama without a few emotional ties? A small number of Quincy’s relationships have the potential to go in a romantic direction… but in a shifting climate like Vestur, happiness is not a guarantee.

As the player, you shape the kind of man Quincy develops into - what he values and what he wants for his country. However, he is not quite the blank slate/fully customizable protagonist you get in some similar roleplaying games. He will always have certain predilections towards partners, which is a limiting factor in what relationships can go beyond platonic friendship.

In short: you should not expect the range of choice and freedom you would get from a more open-ended roleplaying game or something in the romance genre... nor should you expect every option to end in "happily ever after."


You can stay up-to-date on production by following our development blog on tumblr. However, we are currently in early development, and not sharing too many specifics about the game itself - but when we are ready to share more, the followers of our devblog will be the first people to hear about it!

Go ahead; we enjoy opportunities to delve deeper into the characters and worldbuilding. Keep in mind we might decline to answer questions that tread into spoiler territory, though.

We welcome it. However, we are unlikely to directly confirm/deny your theories if they're too plausible... ;)