About Forever Gold

Forever Gold is a dark fantasy, text-heavy RPG. It is a game primarily about the nature of change and one’s ability to affect it as told through the young leadership of a country in turmoil. It is ALSO a game borne from the idea of: “hey, what about a negotiation-heavy game where the protagonist is just terrible at this? just the absolute worst?”. It is inspired by the character-heavy likes of Dragon Age: Origins, as well as a smattering of JRPGs.

Act I, Part I is currently in production. Updates will become more transparent as we move towards our first proper release - we can’t give accurate ETAs until a bit further down the line.

The Story

The Tri-Kingdom of Vestur has enjoyed an enlightenment level of prosperity the past fifty years. Scientific study of meur - the scientific term for "magic" - is in a golden age. However, when the peasants of the inhospitable Northern Kindom tire of their exploitation, they stage a revolt. The Tri-Kingdom is thrown into sudden and violent civil war against the "New North" Rebellion, and its mysterious masked leader, Lazarus.

In such times, a Prince's Convoy is called: a tradition in Vestur where the heirs to the three thrones travel the land to solve problems and broker peace in times of war. You, Duke Quintrell Barghur, second in line to the Northern Throne, find yourself looped into the convoy as the Prince's Right Hand – the Convoy's main decision maker.

You're a bad enough choice: a Royal Military Academy dropout, antisocial mine inspector, black meur wielding freak, literally cursed, and all around world's most awkward man. You are the worst possible candidate for this job... and yet the fate of the Tri-Kingdom rests on your ability to people-please and gain political advantage in an increasingly fractured climate.

The Developers

BroncoBurro/Dan - The project lead, creator, head writer, head artist, and general mastermind behind the project.

LSDolphin/LS - The co-writer, editor, utility designer, colorist, and “whatever else must be done” second set of hands.

While Forever Gold is Dan’s brainchild, we are both artists, writers, and programmers - so we both do a bit of everything. The division of labor is cut more along the lines of “what needs to be done right now” rather than by skillset, although for the sake of keeping a consistent look the Official Art is drawn (or at least sketched/lined) by Dan.